Video record for 13 June, 2001 in the BACH Area

Video record of Events in the BACH Area of Çatalhöyük on June 13, 2001; videographer:Michael Ashley, Jason Quinlan
Cultural Narrative: 

The 20-minute video starts with the diary of events for 12 June, 2001, focusing on the central part of Building 3 where the oven (F.646) and the clayball container (F.758) were being excavated, as well as the foundations of the screen wall complex (F.601). An important discussion of the excavation strategy for the multiple burials (F.644,F.647, F.634) between Mirjana Stevanovic, Lori Hager, Basak Boz, Ruth Tringham was recorded. The day ended with a tour of the BACH Area for visitors. Original filename:  LHotH_BACH_061301_HR