Video record for 12 June, 2001 in the BACH Area

Video record of Events in the BACH Area of Çatalhöyük on June 12, 2001; videographer:Michael Ashley, Jason Quinlan. LHotH_BACH_061201_HR
Cultural Narrative: 

This 40-minute video includes 4 minutes of the diary from 11 June,in which progress continued on the excavation in space 158, including the interesting oven (F.646) and the container of clay balls(F.758) in the center of Building 3, and the burials under the north-central platform (F.162). The diary is followed by a discussion of the basket fragment (F.760) and a fragment of fruit or nut at the base of the fill of the combined burial pit. There is also a discussion around the recognition of the unique container full of miniature clay balls (F.758). In this video you will also see a general busy scene inside the BACH shelter, including Michael Ashley explaining the mountaineering harness for aerial photography.