Review of "Last House on the Hill" in Antiquity

This review of the printed edition of Last House on the Hill was written by Karina Croucher and published in Antiquity, Volume 87, Issue 337, September 2013, pp 924-926 by
Cultural Narrative: 

The Book has been reviewed in Antiquity, Volume 87, Issue 337, September 2013, pp 924-926 by Karina Croucher, Archaeology and Environmental Sciences, University of Bradford, UK (Email: which she says:

“….As well as providing an interpretation of the house, the volume reveals much about methodology and excavation processes. Focusing on the principle of archaeological interpretation from the bottom up, the volume provides the reader with real insight into the benefits of a small-scale focus and provides justification for the detailed, analytical processes, and the pay-offs of the slow, meticulous approach which is characteristic of post-1990s Çatalhöyük excavations……...

…….Chapters 24 (seeing present and past in Çatalhöyük) and 25 (sensing the place of Çatalhöyük) complement each other, using imaginative and engaging narrative. They are compelling and emotive to read, while providing valuable new research methodologies and outcomes, both practical (e.g. in terms of enabling the excavator to visualise  their  excavation),  and  in terms of offering a tangible and experiential engagement with complex archaeological data and processes, such as movement around the house, daily tasks, seasonal activities, or the use of fire…...

………...The volume is a comprehensive and detailed account, which demonstrates the value of interpretative methodologies   and   is   therefore   of   interest    to any archaeologist concerned with excavation and interpretative techniques, as well as extremely valuable to students and academics interested in this particular region and period.”


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