Phase B3.4B: Final Occupation Phase of Building 3

Phase B3.4B comprises the final occupation phase of Building 3 and its final burials as well as the completion of partitioning the larger room Space 86 from the narrow western Space 158
Cultural Narrative: 

From Last House on the Hill, Chapter 4:

During the final habitation phase (B3.4B) of Building 3, the range of domestic activities markedly diminished. The fire installations continued, but there was no evidence of basins in use in this subphase, and the only storage in the house was a cave-like niche (F.607) in the southwest corner of Building 3, which held large quantities of fruits and nuts. The process of partitioning the larger room (Space 86) from the narrower wester Space 158, that had started in Phase B3.4A, was completed in Phase B3.4B by the construction of a Screen Wall (F.601/155) between the two internal walls (Feature 160, Feature 161). 

Two more burials occurred in this phase: an earlier burial (Feature 631) cut through the northeast platform (F.173), and the final burial (Feature 617) once again cut through the north-central platform (F.162). The plaster of the nearby face of the interior wall (F.160) was painted red on multiple occasions, most likely in association with the burials. After the last burial (F.617), the interior wall (F.160) was painted one more time, and subsequently it was covered with a coat of white plaster. A minimum of one more series of white plaster floors on the platform postdated the burial. This very last stage of occupation in Building 3 (Phase B3.4B) was marked by floors of lesser quality and with a lower level of maintenance. These floors were made of thick gray plaster coats across the entire house, even in the “clean” zones of the house.