Phase B3.3: Second House Re-modelling

The second re-modelling of Building 3 is marked by the first burials in the house and a marked reduction in domestic architectural features
Cultural Narrative: 

From Last House on the Hill, Chapter 4:

"The second remodeling and relocation of features in Building 3 (Phase B3.3) was probably short-lived, since very few traces of its activities have survived. The placement of a new, circular oven (F.642) in the southwest corner of Building 3 represented a return to the location of the Phase B3.1 ovens and to the traditional or original spatial arrangement of the house.

No remains of storage facilities in the form of basins or bins from this phase were found preserved, but a white-clay-lined depression in the northwest floor may represent the base of an almost completely truncated storage facility. Alternatively, storage in Phase B3.3 may have taken place in movable containers such as bags or baskets that have not been preserved, or—more likely—storage was located outside of Building 3. Space 88, which contained storage features—a basin, bin, and a wall niche—could have housed the storage for Building 3 at this time.

The interment of three children in the floor of the Central Floor Zone represents the earliest burial events in Building 3 as well as the first modification of this zone."