Phase B3.2: major re-modelling of Building 3

Phase B3.2 comprised a major re-modelling of Building 3, in laying the floor, locating the oven, and the establishment of a series of white clay basins
Traditional Knowledge: 

From Last House on the Hill Chapter 4:

"A major reconstruction of Building 3 started with a marked change made in the floor packing. In the western half of the house, it comprised a massive layer of redeposited building material that was applied in layers of burned oven floor and wall fragments, overlain by organic material, which in its turn was covered by a layer of sticky, beige packing clay. Even the Phase B3.1 wall/bench (F.1000) and the storage bins in the north (F.786 and F.770) were permanently buried by this packing. This was the only time that such packing composition occurred.

The South-and-West Zone continued to be the most visibly impacted by built-in features, but these underwent significant changes in form and location (Figure 4.3). A new large horseshoe-shaped freestanding oven (F.646) was prominently set in the west-central house area, in contrast to the previous oval-shaped ovens that had been attached to the walls of Building 3 in its southwest corner. In place of the Phase B3.1 oven in this area, a series of white clay basins were established (F.769, F.771, F.783). Thus, during this phase, activities in the southwest corner of the house required “clean” white floors in contrast to the preceding “dirty floors” associated here with fire installations."