Phase B3.1A: House Construction

Phase B3.1A. The initial construction of Building 3

The general internal layout of Building 3 was constructed during this early phase (Figures 5.3,5.4). This included the following features.

  • Construction of six platforms:
    • Northeast corner: F.173
    • North-central area: F.162
    • Northwest corner: F.1008, which extended southward abutting F.169
    • Southwest corner: F.169
    • Eastern-central area: F.170
    • Entry platform, southeast corner: F.167 .
  • Construction of oven F.1011 on platform F.169
  • Construction of hearth F.778 on the earliest floor directly on the midden before the first house floor
  • Construction of entry bench F.1010 in the southeast corner directly on the midden before the first house floor
  • Construction of bench F.792 abutting the south edge of F.170 directly on the midden before the first house floor

The initial floor in Building 3 was built as a continuous layer over the entire house, starting on platforms F.162, F.173, and F.170 and flowing southward toward the central house floor. From the house center, the floor climbed up platform F.169 and turned east toward the south end of the house. The floor in the western part of the building was built as a continuous floor from north to south, joining with the other floor plaster in the center and the southwest platform F.169. In this phase, all the house floors were coated with white clay plaster. However, in the South-and-West Zone, these “clean” (white) plaster floors were transformed into “dirty” floors through use. After the initial floor construction, the floors were recoated at different rates, or so it seemed as we excavated and recognized them (see details in Table 5.2).

The platforms at the beginning of the building’s life history were only slightly elevated in comparison with the central house floor. Their edges looked more like floor-lips than the platform edges that we know from later phases. The house floor at the ladder entry area was originally constructed as a flat surface, but later remodeling modified it into a two-step and finally three-step platform. 

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