Mirjana Stevanovic, Co-Field Director

Mirjana Stevanovic was the BACH Project Co-Field Director from 1997 to 2005, and co-edited its final monograph. She also directed the construction of the Replica House and was an architectural specialist for the CRP team

Mirjana Stevanovic received her M.A. in Archaeology  at the University of Belgrade, Serbia (former Yugoslavia), and her Ph.D. from the Department of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley in 1996. She was a Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley and Stanford University. Throughout her career, her research has focused on the analysis and interpretation of archaeological architectural, especially those that involve the use of clay. In her Ph.D. dissertation she coined the term “The Age of Clay” to describe the Neolithic of Southeast Europe, a term that could equally apply to the Neolithic of Central Anatolia. In addition to writing the chapters of the printed edition of Last House on the Hill that reported the fieldwork in the BACH Area (chapters 4 and 5, Mirjana wrote chapters about the architectural analysis of the BACH Area buildings. After the BACH project she also was a member of the specialist architectural team of the main Çatalhöyük Research project. In addition to her archaeological fieldwork, Mirjana has carried out experimental and ethnoarchaeological research to study the construction of prehistoric buildings and their destruction. At Çatalhöyük she directed the project to construct a full-sized replica of a Neolithic house and wrote a chapter about it (Chapter 22) in the printed edition of Last House on the Hill. She has collaborated with Ruth Tringham in the excavation and publication of sites in Southeast Europe (Selevac, Opovo, Podgoritsa) in addition to the project at Çatalhöyük. In this collaboration they have developed excavation and analytical strategies to investigate all phases in the life-histories of  buildings. After spending many years in the USA, Mirjana Stevanovioc has returned to Serbia where she lives with her architect husband.