The geomorphology of Central Anatolia (map)

A map of the geomorphology of Central Anatolia. Figure 1.3 of Last House on the Hill (2012), printed edition

A map of the geomorphology of Central Anatolia. This map is a composite of original figures 2-7 in   Kuzucuoğlu, C. (2002) The Environmental Frame in Central Anatolia from the 9th to the 6th Millennia cal BC. In The Neolithic of Central Anatolia: Internal Developments and External Relations during the 9th–6th Millennia cal BC, edited by F. Gérard and L. Thissen, pp. 33–58. Ege Yayınları, Istanbul. The composite of the 6 maps was created for Çatalhöyük Research Project for which it was published as Figure 1.1 of Hodder, Ian (editor) (2007) Excavating Çatalhöyük: South, North and KOPAL Area reports from the 1985-99 seasons (Catalhöyük vol.3) British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara and McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Cambridge, UK. With permission the composite was published again as Figure 1.3 of Last House on the Hill, printed edition.

The map of Central Anatolia shown here is a composite of the archaeological sites of the Neolithic/Chalcolithic (9th-6th millenia BC) in their geomorphological context. Çatalhöyük can be seen in the middle of the large alluvial fan of the Çarsamba river flowing into a lake (no longer existing).

Original Date: 
Çatalhöyük Research Project