Feature 631: burial event under the northeast platform (F.173)

Feature 631 is a burial of a mature male cut through the northeast platform (F.173) in Building 3 during phase B3.4B
Cultural Narrative: 

Feature 631 is a burial taking place during phase B3.4B; it is  cut through the center of the northeast platform (F.173). The burial was first defined in 2000 by the recognition of its plaster capping or lid that contrasted with the surrounding plaster of the platform floor (floor #3). The burial was completely excavated during 2000.  In fact it may have comprised the event that started the notable transformations in the house during this phase towards its abandonment and closure. 

The shape of the burial cut is oval and aligned north-south, measuring 1.05m north-south by 0.50m east-west. It cut through the earlier floors of F.173 to the underlying midden, incorporating the wall of an earlier building in its base. The complete skeleton of a 40-45 years old man lay (head at south) in flexed position towards the bottom of the pit.

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