Feature 1014: Burial in a basket in Space 87

Feature 1014 is a burial pit cut through platform F.638 in Space 87 containing the skeleton of a neonate in a lidded basket
Cultural Narrative: 

Feature 1014 is one of three burial pits (along with F.1012 and F.1013) that were cut through floor 3 of the platform F.638 in phase S87.1 in Space 87. Feature 1014 was the deepest of the three sets of burials and is the earliest of the group, probably belonging to the next (unexcavated) floor down. The skeleton of a neonate/infant (8596) was found in a lidded basket in the cut of F.1014. The bones were lying above and within the basket, which was present in the form of phytoliths. The basket (8597) was in relatively good condition, although it is poorly preserved in its northern portion where the majority of the infant bones were. This burial was found at approximately the same level as skeleton 8598 in the burial F.1013. Both these skeletons represent the earliest burials so far found in Space 87; neither was disturbed by the later burials in Space 87; both of them are only partially investigated and remain in situ in Space 87, awaiting the continuation of the excavation of this building. The basket and the infant bones (8596) were stabilized, and the area was filled with soft soil, awaiting future excavation.