Chronology of the Çatalhöyük East Mound

Two different chronological schema for the East (Early Neolithic) Mound at Çatalhöyük: James Mellaart's from the 1960s and the 2008 version by the post-1993 team
Traditional Knowledge: 

In this image two different schemes chart the relative chronological progress of the East (Early Neolithic) Mound at Çatalhöyük from 7500 to 5900 BC. On the left is that of the original excavator of Çatalhöyük, James Mellaart, published in 1965. On the right is the new (2008) scheme of the post-1993 team from UK and USA (Hodder et al). Building 1/5 and Building 3 are located next to each other on the northern eminence of the East Mound, far from the area on which Mellaart's system was based. So we are speculating, but using some radiocarbon dates when we place Building 3 roughly overlapping Building 5 and its overlying Building 1, roughly coinciding with Mellaart's Period VI/VII and the new system's period N. More on this can be found in the printed edition of Last House on the Hill in Chapter 4.

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