Michael Ashley, Jason Quinlan

Conserving Baskets in the BACH Area

Emin Murat Özdemir conserving the basket in Space 158 (unit 6642) (insert shows the basket before conservation on 19 August, 2000) in 2000. Figure 2.21 of Last House on the Hill, printed edition. Original filename: 000820_113522.jpg;  insert: 000819_085656.jpg

Filling out unit sheets at Çatalhöyük

Jim Vedder and Heidi Underbjerg fill out their unit sheets/forms in 2000. Figure 2.8 of Last House on the Hill, printed edition. Original Filename: 081000_165307.jpg

Excavating burials in Building 3

Composite photo of excavating burials in Building 3, created as Figure 2.3 of the Last House on the Hill (2012), printed edition: (a) Lori Hager and Başak Boz documenting the skeletal remains under the north-central platform (F.162) June 19, 2001; (b) Başak Boz excavates a child’s burial in the Central Floor area August 15, 2000.Original Filename: a) 061901_080350.jpg; b) 081500_150318.jpg

Building 3 in 2002

Aerial photo of Building 3 in 2002. Figure 1.7 in LHotH, printed edition

Aerial photograph of the Building 3 in 2002 (looking towards the West, North is on the right) recorded by a suspended photographer. Original filename:

June 14, 2001:excavating the West wall of Building 3


Building 3, Building 3, Space 158, Unit 8103

Original Filename: 061401_091431.jpg
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