Michael Ashley

Discussing the BACH Area roof remains

From left to right, Bill Middleton (soil chemistry), Wendy Matthews (micromorphology), Ruth Tringham (project director, architecture), Christine Hastorf (macrofloral), Frank Matero (conservation), and Arlene Rosen (phytoliths) discussing the sampling of the collapsed roof remains in 1998. Figure 2.18 of Last House on the Hill, printed edition. Original filename: PCD0128_046.jpg

Priority Tour in the BACH Area 1999

Ruth Tringham leads a discussion between excavators and specialists at a Priority Tour in 1999. Figure 2.17 of the Last House on the Hill, printed edition. Original filename: 

Storage at Çatalhöyük

One of the secure locations of the physical data from the BACH project in 1999 in the compound at the foot of the East Mound. Figure 2.16 of LHotH, printed edition

Compound of the Çatalhöyük Research Project

The compound at the base of the East Mound, as it appeared in 1998. It has grown considerably since this photograph ws taken. This is where the team live, eat and work. Figure 2.15 of Last House on the Hill, printed edition.

Studying Constructional Clay in the Replica Neolithic House

Mirjana Stevanović inspects the mud brick walls of the Replica Neolithic House in the early stages of its construction August 24, 1999. Figure 12.13 of the Last House on the Hill, printed edition. Original filename:990824_174454.jpg

Video-recording discussions in the BACH Area

Jason Quinlan video-records a discussion about the burials under the north-central platform (F.162) between Mirjana Stevanović, Ruth Tringham, Lori Hager, and Başak Boz on June 14, 2001. Original filename: 061401_074521.jpg

Sorting heavy-residue samples

Original filename: PCD0122_086.jpg

Using Baulks and Cross-sections at Çatalhöyük

Ruth Tringham and Mirjana Stevanović study cross-section through the collapsed roof provided by the N-S baulk in Building 3 in 1998.

The dagger - spectacular find in 1997