Video-recording discussions in the BACH Area

Jason Quinlan video-records a discussion about the burials under the north-central platform (F.162) between Mirjana Stevanović, Ruth Tringham, Lori Hager, and Başak Boz on June 14, 2001. Original filename: 061401_074521.jpg

Aerial Photography in the BACH Shelter

Composite of two photographs showing aerial photography used in documentation of the BACH project from 2001 created as Figure 2.10 of Last House on the Hill, printed edition. a) The mountaineering trapeze set up for aerial photographs in the BACH Area; Jason Quinlan swings from the trapeze preparing to photograph the excavation on July 3, 2001; this photo was recorded by Michael Ashley who is suspended even higher; (b) aerial photograph of the Building 3 on June 18, 2002 (North is on the right) recorded by a suspended photographer. Original filenames: a) 070301_135643.jpg; b) 20020618_jpq_057.jpg

June 14, 2001: clay ball container Feature 758

A higher resolution version of this video may be viewed on the day-by-day video for June 14, 2001

June 13, 2001: burials under platform F.162

A higher resolution video of this scene may be found on the day-by-day video for 13 June, 2001

June 16, 2001:aerial shot of Building 3 with thephotographer Michael Ashley in foreground

Michael and fisheye of entire area

BACH Area, Building 3

Original Filename: 061601_115045.jpg
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