Neolithic burials 9000 years old excavated at Çatalhöyük, Turkey

Video-recording discussions in the BACH Area

Jason Quinlan video-records a discussion about the burials under the north-central platform (F.162) between Mirjana Stevanović, Ruth Tringham, Lori Hager, and Başak Boz on June 14, 2001. Original filename: 061401_074521.jpg

Excavating burials in Building 3

Composite photo of excavating burials in Building 3, created as Figure 2.3 of the Last House on the Hill (2012), printed edition: (a) Lori Hager and Başak Boz documenting the skeletal remains under the north-central platform (F.162) June 19, 2001; (b) Başak Boz excavates a child’s burial in the Central Floor area August 15, 2000.Original Filename: a) 061901_080350.jpg; b) 081500_150318.jpg

Chapter 2 of Last House on the Hill

Feature 1014: Burial in a basket in Space 87

June 14, 2001: burials under platform F.162

A higher resolution version of this event may be seen on the day-by-day video of June 14, 2001

June 13, 2001: burials under platform F.162

A higher resolution video of this scene may be found on the day-by-day video for 13 June, 2001