Filling in the BACH Area in 2004

Composite photo of filling in the BACH Area on August 2, 2004 created as Figure 22 of Last House on the Hill, printed edition: (a) preparing the partially excavated Spaces 87, 88, and 89 for further excavation before filling in (escavation was continued in Space 87 in 2012; (b) emptying sacks of dry ‘sterile’ soil into the vacuum left by Building 3. Original filenames: a) 20040802_eth_178.jpg, b) 20040802_eth_204.jpg

Storage at Çatalhöyük

One of the secure locations of the physical data from the BACH project in 1999 in the compound at the foot of the East Mound. Figure 2.16 of LHotH, printed edition

Part 1 of Last House on the Hill

The chapters of this part of the Last House on the Hill summarize the strategies of research, analysis, and interpretation of the Çatalhöyük Research Project, adding details specific to the BACH project (Chapter 2), and adding discussion specifically on the digital documentation of the BACH research (Chapter 3).

Studying Constructional Clay in the Replica Neolithic House

Mirjana Stevanović inspects the mud brick walls of the Replica Neolithic House in the early stages of its construction August 24, 1999. Figure 12.13 of the Last House on the Hill, printed edition. Original filename:990824_174454.jpg

The Replica Neolithic House at Çatalhöyük

The Dagger

Chapter 01 of Last House on the Hill (2012)

This chapter "Introduction to the BACH Project" outlines the general aims and history of the University of California at Berkeley (BACH) research project at Çatalhöyük, Turkey, from 1997 to 2003. It provides a short description of the location of research at Çatalhöyük in Central Anatolian prehistory. It puts the BACH research into the context of the previous and ongoing research at Çatalhöyük. Finally, we introduce in this chapter some of the broader issues and significance of our research.