Conserving Baskets in the BACH Area

Emin Murat Özdemir conserving the basket in Space 158 (unit 6642) (insert shows the basket before conservation on 19 August, 2000) in 2000. Figure 2.21 of Last House on the Hill, printed edition. Original filename: 000820_113522.jpg;  insert: 000819_085656.jpg

Storage at Çatalhöyük

One of the secure locations of the physical data from the BACH project in 1999 in the compound at the foot of the East Mound. Figure 2.16 of LHotH, printed edition

Feature 1014: Burial in a basket in Space 87

The Dagger

June 14, 2001: clay ball container Feature 758

A higher resolution version of this video may be viewed on the day-by-day video for June 14, 2001

The dagger - spectacular find in 1997

Basket phytoliths from Space 87 burial