Sampling the BACH Area Roof remains

Collecting in situ samples for soil chemistry (Bill Middleton), macrofloral (Christine Hastorf) and phytolith (Arlene Rosen) remains in and around the collapsed roof in 1998. Figure 2.20 of Last House on the Hill, printed edition. Original filename: PCD0184_008.jpg

Conserving the BACH Area Roof remains

Michael Ashley and Frank Matero carving up the roof remains for archive blocks and for subsequent microstratigraphic sampling. Figure 2.19 of Last House on the Hill printed edition. Original Filename: PCD0115_069.jpg

Discussing the BACH Area roof remains

From left to right, Bill Middleton (soil chemistry), Wendy Matthews (micromorphology), Ruth Tringham (project director, architecture), Christine Hastorf (macrofloral), Frank Matero (conservation), and Arlene Rosen (phytoliths) discussing the sampling of the collapsed roof remains in 1998. Figure 2.18 of Last House on the Hill, printed edition. Original filename: PCD0128_046.jpg

Studying Constructional Clay in the Replica Neolithic House

Mirjana Stevanović inspects the mud brick walls of the Replica Neolithic House in the early stages of its construction August 24, 1999. Figure 12.13 of the Last House on the Hill, printed edition. Original filename:990824_174454.jpg

Using Baulks and Cross-sections at Çatalhöyük

Ruth Tringham and Mirjana Stevanović study cross-section through the collapsed roof provided by the N-S baulk in Building 3 in 1998.

Building 3 in 2002

Aerial photo of Building 3 in 2002. Figure 1.7 in LHotH, printed edition

Aerial photograph of the Building 3 in 2002 (looking towards the West, North is on the right) recorded by a suspended photographer. Original filename:

Visible architectural remains on the surface in the North Area

Plan of architectural remains that became visible on the surface in the North Area after scraping in 1993-1995. This is a closer view than Figure 1.4 and shows the mud-brick walls emerging as the top 10 cm. of soil was scraped off. On the basis of the plan, Roger Matthews and colleagues assigned Space numbers to rooms that looked to be enclosed by the walls, and Building numbers that seemed to be a meaningful collection of Spaces. Among these assignments the BACH Area  included Building 3 comprising Spaces 86 and 158, with three small cell-like Spaces at its south end. These spaces are described in detail in Chapter 1, and especially Chapter 4 and 5.

The plan was originally created  as Figure 7.3 in Roger Matthews (1996) Surface Scraping and Planning. In On the surface: Catalhoyuk 1993-95, edited by I. Hodder, pp. 79-101. British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara and McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Cambridge, UK. It was re-published with permission as Figure 1.5 of Last House on the Hill, printed edition.


The BACH team in 2000

The BACH (Berkeley Archaeologists at Çatalhöyük) team in 2000 (A) outside the BACH shelter in a team photo, (original filename 081600_092631.jpg) (B) inside the BACH shelter, working in Building 3 (original filename: 080800_143048.jpg.) The two individual photos were brought together as Figure 1.1 of Last House on the Hill, printed edition


Contrasting Styles of Excavation

The collage was originally created as figure 9.3 in Tringham, R. and M. Stevanovic (2000) Different Excavation Styles create Different Windows into Çatalhöyük. In Towards reflexive method in archaeology: the example at Çatalhöyük by members of the  Çatalhöyük teams, edited by I. Hodder, pp. 111-118. McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Cambridge, UK. It shows different ways in which the Berkeley Archaeologists @ Çatalhöyük (BACH) team and the umbrella Çatalhöyük Research Project (UK based) team approached stratigraphy (single-context excavation), labor organization, features documentation, and other challenges of revealing archaeological data during the early years of the two projects (described in the 2000 article. As our collaboration matured from 2000, these differences tended to become less disturbing. The figure was re-used in the printed (2013) edition of LHotH as figure 2.1, to illustrate the section "Single-Context Excavation". original filename Catalmeth_RET_fig3.jpg



Chapter 2 of Last House on the Hill